mrs johnstone blood brothers

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  • Mrs Johnstone
    • "He told me i was sexier than Marilyn Monroe"
    • By the time that i was twenty five/ I looked like forty two
    • "I love the bones of every one of them"
    • "I've spent all my bleedin' life knowing i shouldn't. But i do."
    • "One easy terms/ Living on the never never"
    • "Oh God, Mrs Lyons, never put new shoes on a table...You never know what'll happen"
    • "A bike with both wheels on?"
    • "Beat it, go home before the bogey man gets y'."
    • "But keep it a secret eh, Eddie? Just our secret, between you an' me."
    • "We might get a car, be all 'Lardie dah'."
    • "His Holiness flies in from Rome"
    • "We'll be alright out here son, away from the muck an' the dirt an' the bloody trouble"
    • "Some hypocrite i'd be"
    • "You've not had much of a life with me, have y'."
    • "An' no reputation following me."


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