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  • Kidney
    • Nephrons
      • blood travels in through afferent arteriole
      • Ultrafiltration occurs in the glomerulas, liquid and small molecules go into the bowmans capsule.
      • large molecules like proteins and blood cells stay in the blood
      • liquid and small molecules pas along the nephron and useful substances are reabsorbed along the way.
    • Selective Reabsorption
      • occurs along proximal convoluted tubule
      • loop of henle
      • distal convoluted tubule
    • Loop of Henle
      • sodium and chlorine ions diffuse into descending limb
      • water moves out by osmosis
      • sodium and chlorine ions move out of the ascending limb, by diffusion at the bottom and active transport at the top
      • Water moves out of the collecting duct by osmosis
    • Osmoregulation
      • when water contents of the blood is low posterior pituitary gland releases ADH
      • ADH binds to receptors on the DCT
      • Aquaporins are inserted into the plasma membrane, making the DCT more permeable to water


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