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  • Mitosis
    • cell cycle
      • interphase: cell growth/ genetic material replicated and checked for errors- may kill itself to avoid mutations being passed on
      • Mitosis: cell division (growth/repair)
    • Prophase: chromosomes condense/ centrioles move to opposite ends of the cell forming spindle fibres/ nuclear envelope breaks down
    • Metaphase: chromosomes line up along equator of cell/ become attached to the spindle by their centromere
    • Anaphase: centromeres divide, separating each pair of sister chromatids/ spindles contract pulling chromatids to opposite ends of the cell, centromere first
    • Telophase: chromatids reach opposite poles on the spindle/ uncoil and become long and thin again (chromosomes)/ nuclear envelope forms around each group= two nuclei/ cytoplasm divides= two genetically identical daughter cells
    • staining chromosomes= see mitosis under a microscope


Zara Parkin


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