Miranda and Ferdinand

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  • Miranda and Ferdinand
    • Lovers
      • They are besotted with one another
        • Miranda: Sir, have pity; I'll be his surety (Act 1.2)
        • Ferdinand: if a virgin, and your affection not gone forth, I'll make you the Queen of Naples      (Act 1.2)
        • Miranda: what I desire to give, and much less take what I shall die to want (Act 3.1)
      • True love- they are truly in love
        • Miranda: I am your wife, if you will marry me; if not, I'll die your maid (Act 3.1)
        • Ferdinand: Ay, with a heart as willing as ******* e'er of freedom (Act 3.1)
        • Ferdinand: My dearest love (Act 5.1)
      • Ferdinand is willing to endure pain and humiliation for Miranda
        • Ferdinand: I had rather crack my sinews, break my back, than you should such dishonour undergo while I sit lazy by (Act 3.1)
        • Ferdinand: For your sake I am this patient log-man (Act 3.1)
      • Idealisation of Miranda
        • Alonso: goddess (Act 5.1)
        • Ferdinand: Precious creature (Act 3.1)
        • Ferdinand: (O, you wonder!) (Act 1.2)
    • Parental Realtionships
      • Miranda is submissive towards her father
        • Miranda: Certainly, sir, I can (Act 1.2)
        • Miranda: Sir are you not my father? (Act 1.2)
        • Prospero: Dost thou attend me? (Act 1.2)
        • Miranda: O my father/ I have broke your hest to say so! (Act 3.1)
      • Ferdinand is fond of his father and the two appear to have a close relationship
        • Ferdinand: I weep. Myself am Naples (Act 1.2)
        • Alonso: So is the dear'st o'th' loss (Act 1.2)
        • Alonso: I have lost...My dear son Ferdinand (Act 1.2)
      • Prospero it can be argued sees Miranda as an object for political gain
        • Prospero [at a distance unseen] (Act 3.1)- trying to control the actions of Miranda and Ferdinand
        • Prospero: They are both in either's powers, but this swift/ business/ I must uneasy make, lest too light winning/ Make the prize light  (Act 1.2)
      • Ferdinand: Sitting on a bank,/ Weeping again the King my father's wreck (Act 1.2)
    • Supernatural/ Magic
      • Magic draws Miranda and Ferdinand together
        • Ariel sings (Act 1.2)
        • Prospero: my quaint Ariel, hark in thine ear (Act 1.2)
      • Ferdinand believes Miranda to be a supernatural being
        • Ferdinand: If you be a maid or no? (Act 1.2)
    • Outside of Social Norms
      • Miranda asks Ferdinand to marry her
      • Get married without parents blessings originally- DRAMATIC IRONY of Prospero watching
      • Miranda plays chess something that is frowned upon


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