Miranda: The Tempest

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  • Miranda
    • 'Thou art inclined to sleep.'
      • Prospero uses Miranda as a political pawn, he knows hat she will do this things that she wants and so he feels that t keep her naïve is the best thing for her. he does not want her to find out too much about his power.
    • 'Nothing ill could dwell in such a temple.'
      • This was common belief in the Elizabethan times that if you were a beautiful person then you were perfect on the inside as well. The same with Miranda and Ferdinand.
    • 'Brave new world'
      • Miranda means to admire. She is admiring the fact that the world has so many different people in it, each make us unique and special. Miranda is the only one who understands and notices that while we all have our faults, we are human and therefore beautiful.
    • 'If you have put the wild water in this roar, alay them.'
      • Miranda knows about her father's power, however she has more of a moral centre as she feels that the power that he is using is corrupting in some way.
    • 'she will bring forth brave brood'
      • Miranda is seen as the only way that someone will cement their prowess on the island. If they claim her then they have power.
    • 'Poor worm thou art infected.'
      • Prospero knows that he has to give up his daughter in order to gain political prowess in Milan, however he will be having to give up the one person that he loves the most.
    • 'Virgin knot'
      • The most important thing about Miranda.
    • 'Be you maid or no?'
      • The most important thing about Miranda is that she is a virgin, this was used in the Elizabethan times as a bargaining chip between families to make sure that trues were called or families gained financial status.
    • 'Do you love me?'
      • Where Ferdinand using poetic devices such as 'The very instant that I saw you, did My heart fly to your service, Miranda is extremely blunt and uses prose. This suggests that her knowledge is less than the Prince's however it could also be interpreted as her being a realist.
    • 'Marry me if not I'll die your maid.'
      • Demonstrates that Miranda is completely in love with Ferdinand. She will be his servant, which was the common role of women at the time. She is naïve to the fact however that he is not the only man in the world.


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