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  • Jekyll and Hyde
    • Poole
      • weeping like a woman or a lost soul
        • sexism
      • his manner was altered for the worse
        • "altered" links to "Jekyll and Hyde" personality; altered behaviour
      • ferocity of accent that testified to his own jangled nerves
        • "ferocity" is a synonym for "savage" linking to Hyde, and shows every man has a dual personality
      • if that was my master, why had he a mask upon his face?...
      • do you think I do not know my master after 20 years?
        • offended by Utterson's questioning
        • Loyal to his master, as he was expected to be by society
    • The Maid
      • "Never (she used to say with streaming tears...) had she felt more at peace with all men
        • weakness of women
        • "she used to say" suggests she recalled the story many times, hinting at enjoyment and pleasure
          • mocks women for perceived intrigue for the gothic and gossip
        • cries as she recalls the setting as opposed to the murder, showing evil and idisreguard
    • Setting
      • "like rows of smiling saleswomen"
        • Simile
        • alludes to prostitution
          • "saleswomen" as though to sell their bodies
          • An attractive image, suggesting Stevenson approves and takes an interest in them
        • makes Hyde's home appear more evil; juxtaposition
        • appears attractive and so we make an assumption the street is nice; links to Jekyll and appearances
        • "woman" makes it appear delicate, beautiful and appealing
      • the door, which was equipped with neither bell nor knocker, was blistered and distained
        • personified as an unattractive person; Hyde
      • "the thin trees...were lashing themselves along the railing"
        • "railing" is a physical barrier, suggesting confinement and imprisonment
        • "thin" suggests illness
        • "themselves" shows the pain is self inflicted
        • "lashing"
          • suggests violence and physical harm
          • means "beating", suggesting punishment for sins
          • means "a cord used to fasten something securely" showing entrapment and slavery


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