Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

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  • Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde
    • Context
      • Duality of Man
      • Darwin's Theory of Evolution
        • Everybody evolved from apes.
        • This threw everyone off, as back then it was a christian society. So they believed in Gods 7 day creation story.
      • Reputation
        • Mr Utterson is the stereotype of a typical Victorian Gentleman.
    • Characters
      • Dr Jekyll
        • A Main Character.
        • A scientist.
      • Mr Hyde
        • Hyde is the evil side of Jekyll.
        • A Main Character
      • Mr Utterson
        • Utterson is a lawyer and a close friend to Dr Jekyll.
      • Mr Enfeild
        • A Minor Character, but he is the one who finds out that Jekyll and Hyde are the same person.
      • Poole
        • Poole is Jekyll's servant and becomes very worried about his peculiar behavior.
      • Lanyon
        • Friend of Dr Jekyll, and another scientist.
    • Key Quotes
      • 'ape-like fury...'
      • '...like Satan...'
      • 'Henry Jekyll forged for a murder!'
      • ‘… my mind submerged in terror …’
      • ‘It was not like a man; it was like some damned Juggernaut.’


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