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Additional Quotes
"Lets get it over with" ­ he is short tempered and impatient. It shows the hot headedness
of the character and his desire for violence and to kill. He doesn't understand
Woman Issues companionship so he gets his own way with Candy's dog selfishly.
Carlson states "a woman should be "How'd you do it" ­ He asks George this as if he should be proud of killing his friend. Both
at home where she belongs". He is Carlson and Curley would consider this a prize kill.
talking to Curly ( the bosses son!) like "Now what the hell ya suppose is eatin' them two guys" ­ again his lack of friendship and
he is a child. This shows us that compassion leaves him clueless to the sorrow George feels. On the ranch it is all for on
Carlson, although a minor character and as Slim suggests earlier in the book "Maybe ever'body in the whole damn world is
in the book is not afraid to speak how scared of each other" pg 57, the greatest fear is of lack of friendship; to spend your
he feels...And its sexist (although that whole life alone and unsure of who to trust.
was the normal for the 1930's) He is
insensitive and uncaring; that's due to
ranch life. He is clearly not a married
man and is likely to have not had a Candy's Dog.. Again
friendship (let alone relationship) for a The dog is very important in the
very long time. This can impact our book as it shows how Carlson is
view on Curly's wife. directly linked to the three `dark'
points in the book: the shooting of
Cocky Carlson
He is shown to us early on that he is a vain,
Carlson Candy's dog, the death of Curley'
s wife and George shooting
Lennie. The theme of darkness is
important because the book
easily agitated character. He could even starts and ends at dusk/night
have an emotional disability close to that and this recurs throughout the
of Lennies... Or is that just what ranch life book.
has turned him into? He is quick to jump at Sees the dark in everyone * Note that when Slim is in the
Curley, who seeing that he is outmatched Carlson and Curley are the only two characters bunk house and turns on the
by Carlson, turns on Lennie. "You come for of the book who see Georges friendship with light: "Instantly the table was
me, an' I'll kick your god damn head off" pg Lennie as exploitive. This tells us that Carlson is brilliant with light" pg 64. now
90. This tells us that Carlson is strong and suspicious and has maybe had bad experiences when Carlson turns on the light:
a fighter perhaps someone who has had before... That is what turned him into the lonely "...Turned on the second shaded
to fight his way just to keep going; man in cold hearted man in the book. Perhaps that is light. "Darker' n' hell in here." As
a struggle such as that would certainly why he keeps a Luger under his bed. For he is Slim is represented to us as God,
keep his emotions close to heart. the only bunk hose character who has a gun, Carlson could easily represent
that shows us that he is insecure. the devil.…read more

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Additional Things That Might Help You!
Pages(depending on your book):
Who is Carlson? (description of him and what surrounds him)
Why is he important?
When & where is the book set?
Why is Carlson a minor character?
What impact/ influence does he have on the reader?
Main…read more



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