Minicia Marcella

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  • Minicia Marcella
    • written by Pliny in 105 Ad
      • Writes about how sorrowful he is that Fundanus has lost his daughter aged 12
    • he describes her as cheerful and worthy of a long life
      • she was as wise as an old woman
      • she was as calm as a matron
      • but she was still sweet and virginal
    • she loved teachers and the service they provided for her
      • she was studious and read intelligently
    • she was stoic
      • she did what she was told by the doctors
      • she stayed brave and hid her illness to cheer up her sister and father
      • her sprit remained strong even when her body failed her
    • she was engaged to marry and excellent man
      • poignant moment when Pliny tells *** the money saved for clothes, pearls and gems would be now spent on intense, ointments and spices
    • fundanus
      • wise and intelligent man
      • has spent his life dedicated to noble subjects and arts
        • his grief make him repel these subjects because he has a new devotion
      • he is distort after losing a daughter who was alike to him in so many ways


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