Her pesentation aswell as other characters from other sources that erlate or differ from her

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Cornelias Presentation

Cornelias Noble Nature

. 'learned men' in the house conveys how her sons where well educated

. 'Rational Endurance' she never ask for pity but spoke of her sons accomplishments like they where 'ancient heroes'

Tiberius choses Death

. Not just because he was older but because he loved her

. Turned down a marriage proposal from the king of eygpt (Ptolemy) shows devotion to husband

. Describes her sons as 'Naturally gifted' because of the education and not there birth

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Cornelias Presentation

Letter to Gaius

CONTEXT - authorship is questionable

. Use's many litereary techniques to persuade her son to withdraw from political life shows her as a woman of authority still in old age aswell as a god writer

* Emotional Blackmail use Tiberiuses death and her soon death

* Anaphora 'Shall we ever'

* Rhetorical questions 'where will it all end ? '

Juvenal on Women in General

. Accuses cornelia of having a 'Snobs Brow' as a reslt of to much excellence

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Characters Like Cornelia


. 'Well read' and can 'Converse with modesty'

. However she has an 'oversexed nature' and believes modesty and chastity is worthless contradicting the character of cornelia who stayed devoted to her husband turning down the king of eygpt

CONTEXT - sallust is highly critical of the Conspiracy so he will be critical of her although does list some virtues 

Funeral Eulogy Murdia

. Unlike Cornelia she remarried

. But she cared for her children just as much as cornelia splitting the inheritance equally for her sons and giving her daughter a bequest

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Characters Like Cornelia

Minicia Marcella

. Highly praised with many virtues like cornelia ' wise' and 'sedate as a matron'

. Also worthy of 'immortality'

. 'copied her father in everything'suggests women are admirable as they act like men. Similar to cornelia and her father scipoi africanus

Could Also discuss

. Fannia and Arrias devotion to ther husbands like that of cornelia

. Plinys presenataion of Calpurnia is similar to a roman matron but be carefull of the CONTEXT

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