Milgrams Agency Theory of Obedience

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  • Milgram's Agency Theory of Obedience
    • Evolution of Obedience
      • Human society is hierarchical in nature
      • Evolved for a survival function
      • Process of socialisation prepares us to be obedient
        • e.g as children we learn to obey our parents and teachers by use of rewards an punishment
    • Agency and Autonomy
      • Agentic State
        • Humans see themselves as an agent of the authority figure.
        • Humans give up their free will in order to follow instructions and displace responsibility of their actions to the authority
      • Autonomous State
        • Humans act according to their own free will.
        • Feel in control and have the power to make their own decisions. individuals feel in control of their actions
      • Humans exist in two different states


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