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    • AIMS
      • To investigate whether ordinary people would follow orders and yield to an authoritive figure even if it involved harming an innocent person,
      • To test the -'Germans are different' hypothesis.
      • To establish under what conditions people would display more obedience or dissent.
    • SAMPLE
      • gender - males only , age - 25 to 50 years old , with a variation of occupations
      • all participants were paid $4 and there bus fair paid for
      • A total of 160 participants were selected who had a range of ages, occupations and educational levels.
      • Milgram used a self selecting (or volunteer) sample.
      • The experimenter used a series of standardised verbal prods to encourage obedience
        • "You must continue."
        • "The experiment requires that you continue."
        • "It is absolutely essential that you continue."
        • "You have no other choice , you must go on."
      • 100% obedience up too 300 volts
      • 26 out of 40 participants went up too 450 volts
        • Participants behaviour included shaking, trembling, stuttering, biting lips nervous laughing, digging in nails, sweating.
          • Sign of high level of nerves, anxiety and pressue, distress and moral strain.
      • 65 % went to the end of the shock generator and continued to admit the volts


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