Microscopes and magnifiction

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  • Microscopes and magnification
    • Elements
      • Light microscope invented about 350 years ago. Uses light to form magnified images of cells and tiny objects
      • Best light microscope can produce magnifications of about x2000
      • Electron micro invented in last century. Uses electrons to produce magnifications of up to 2 million times
      • Higher magnification and resolving power of electron micros allow scientists to see sub-cellular structures
    • Resolving Power
      • Microscope with a high resolution allows you to distinguish between two objects that are close together
      • Light microscope= 200nm Electron microscope (scanning)= 10nm electron microscope (transmission)=0.1nm
    • Magnification
      • Magnification = size of image/size of real object
      • Size of real object = size of image /  magnification
    • Scale bars
      • let you see real sizes of different objects in the diagram
      • Lets you calculate the magnification
      • If you want to calculate magnification you need to use a ruler to measure the resl length of the scale bar
      • Better to make measurement in mm


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