microscopes and magnification 

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  • microscopes and magnification
    • using microscopes
      • before microscopes were invented 350 years ago, people could not see the cells in organisms.
      • magnification allows people to see plant, animal and bacterial cells, and the structure inside them.
      • as microscopes have developed over time we have been able to see more of the structure of cells
    • Microscope types
      • light microscopes
        • light microscopes are used to study living cells and for regular use when relatively low magnification and resolution is enough.
        • uses light to magnify objects
        • the greatest possible magnification is about x2000
      • electron microscopes
        • uses electrons to magnify objects
        • this makes it possible to magnify objects up to x10 million
        • objects are more clear and more detailed than when using a light microscope.
    • Components of light microscopes
      • eye piece
      • objective lense
      • coarse focus
      • fine focus
      • arm
      • stage
      • stage clip
      • condensor
      • mirror
    • Magnification
      • Magnification of the microscope=magnification of eye piece x magnification of objective


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