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  • Mickey Johnstone
    • Child
      • Plays with "guns" - foreshadows ending
      • "Quietly crying" - sensitive
      • "Gis a sweet" (collo-quial language) - Working class/low status
      • Mickey has friends whereas Sammy has a "gang" - Mickey is friendly
      • Mischievous
        • Mickey copies Sammy's behaviour which he knows is wrong implying that he is quite unruly as a child
        • "Take no notice of mothers" - encourages Edward to misbehave
        • "ooh, I dare y', Linda" - influences bad behaviour on to others
    • Adult
      • Mickey constantly works "overtime" - conscientious
      • "There are no parties" - life has become serious
      • Linda falls "pregnant" out of wedlock - trapped in cycle of poverty
      • Depression
        • Can't find a job
        • Turns to crime/Sammy
        • Takes tablets to be "invisible" - feels like a failure
        • The mass unemploy-ment meant that crime rates were high
      • Mickey is struck by the harsh realities of Thatcher's government as he is handed his "work card" and loses his job
      • Confrontation with Edward
        • Given up on his life
        • "Why didn't you give me away?" - Blames Mrs Johnstone for lack of opportunities
        • "How come you got every thing ... an' I got nothin'" - jealous of Edward's opportunities
        • "I could have been him" - still wants to Edward
        • Ambiguous whether Mickey shoots Edward deliberately
    • Teenager
      • "Secret dancing" - secretive
      • Insecure
        • "He's got a thing for taking blackheads out"
        • He says his hair's the "colour of gravy"
        • "Me feet are too big"
        • "Ears that stand out"
        • "I wish that I could be like, just a little less like me"
      • "It's just like dead difficult...like knowing what to say" - Mickey lacks in confidence so he can't ask Linda out
      • Mickey speaks "defiantly" whilst at school indicating his rebellious character
      • "It's all right, me mam'll give it to me" - Mickey has a sense of pride
      • Linda still protects Mickey as he is vulnerable and innocent
      • 'Summer sequence' - fun-loving


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