Linda in Blood Brothers

Information on the character Linda from Blood Brothers.

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Relationship With Mickey

  • "Linda moves in to protect Mickey." She cares for Mickey, even when they're just playing as children.
  • "You stay where you are Mickey." Protects Mickey from going off the bus with Sammy who just threatened the Bus Conductor with a knife.
  • "Take no notice Mickey. I love you." She stands up for Mickey in the classroom.
  • Tries to get Mickey to kiss her.
  • "Mam, Linda's pregnant." - They're in a serious relationship.
  • Linda visits Mickey in prison.
  • "I need you, I love you. But Mickey, not when you've got them inside you." She wants Mickey to come off the pills because she cares about him so much.
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Relationship with Eddie

  • She dominates him in the gang. "He is look. Eddie's scared."
  • She tries to wind Mickey up by saying, "He's gorgeous, isn't he?"
  • "There's a few bob in your pocket and you've got good friends." - The three of them are having a good time together.
  • "If I was Mickey, I would of asked you out years ago." Edward feels strongly towards Linda.
  • "I suppose I always... Loved you, in a way." She seems unsure about her feelings towards Edward even though he loves her.
  • "Suddenly they kiss." She falls in love with Edward.
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She's controlling

  • "Let's throw some stones through them windows." She's a dare devil and controls what she does with the boys.
  • When they're playing as children, she is the person who catches the grenade and throws it back to the soldiers.
  • She hits the target with the gun.
  • She tells Mickey she loves him numorously.
  • She gets Mickey a job and gets them rehoused.
  • She's the one who phones Edward and starts the relationship = ends in death.
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