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  • Mickey
    • Russell presents Mickey at first as being care free because he speaks very fast and his tone is enthusiastic
      • "We were playing" Presented as being happy and full of life
        • Presented as role playing - fantasy
    • Mickey looks up to Sammy
    • Mickey and Ed misunderstand eachother because of class
    • It is symbolic that there is a shooting, foreshadows the tragedy ahead
    • Mickey sticks up for his blood brother
    • Mickey doesn't know what a dictionary is but Ed does - class
    • Mickey knows bad words - class
    • Russell uses the recurring gun to hint at death
    • Mickey shows little interest in education and is constantly in trouble so consequently he is unable to get a well paid job and has to work long hours doing menial tasks
    • Mickey rushes into marriage and fatherhood at a very young age
      • Mickey is maqde redundant and becomes depressed after 3 years
    • Desperation makes him agree to take part in an armed robbery which results in being arrested
    • Becomes addicted to drugs
      • Results in Linda having an affair with Ed
    • can't escape problems of his life because of his social background


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