Mexico - Context & Statistics

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  • Mexico - context & Statistics
    • Political
      • Mexico is considered a flawed democracy. Mexico is ranked the 100th least corrupt country in the world.
      • 100 Mayors killed in the last 10 years. During that time, 20 mayors were forced to drop out for safety.
    • Economical
      • Gender pay gap (2016) ranked 66th for gender equality.
      • In 1995, women only made up 23% of economically active people.
    • Social
      • Women suffered sexual and psychological abuse by police. Approximately 100% out of who was asked.
      • Family is a strong foundation of Mexican society and most will have to marry in a Catholic church.
    • Crime
      • Only 1 in 10 crimes are reported due to the lack of respect and police are more likely to accept bribes.
      • In May 2017, 2300 were recorded as the highest amount since 1997. Nationwide, 20,000 murders were recorded over 10 months
    • Religion
      • The population of Atheists grow by 5.2% and Catholics by 1.7%.
      • The Catholic church contains 15,700 Diocesan Priests.


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