Themes in Mexican Cinema


Religion is a prominent theme in the Mexican cinema. This is because Mexico is home to huge number of Cathlolics. 

Religion is shown through mise en scene throughout each film. Such as crosses and even motorvehicles with religious decoration. 

Films include: 21 Grams, Amores Perros, Y tu Mama tambien and Babel. 

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Mexico has a high crime rate. This is portrayed thoroughly throughout each film from adultery to murder and assault and theft. 

The directors uses the props of guns to portray power of crime. 

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Family and Tradition

Family and tradition are a big part of Mexican society and culture. This is displayed throughout the films where the main characters are largely involved with their families. The directors use character performance to show the audience how family is close to the main characters.

Tradition is shown within the use of a patriachal society showed by women taking care of the household chores whilst men do little to help. 

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