Psychology - Memory

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  • Memory
    • Processes of Memory
      • Encoding
        • Acoustic
          • Acoustic is the way in which information is retrieved using sound
        • Visual
          • Viual encoding is when we use an image to retrieve information from our memory
        • Semantic
          • Semantic Encoding is when you start putting meaning to the content to retrieve it at a later stage e.g. a story.
        • Definition
          • Information is exchanged or encoded so that it can be stored
      • Storage
        • Storage is encoded information is stored in the memory so that it can be accessed at a later stage
      • Retrieval
        • Definition: accessing the information from the storage
    • STM/LTM
      • STM
        • Encoding - Acoustically/Viually
        • Duration - 30 seconds
        • Capacity - George Miller(1956) claimed that we can hold anything between 5 and 9 objects in our STM. This is know as the magic number 7+/2-
      • LTM
        • Duration - Anything from a few seconds to a lifetime
        • Capacity - Potentially Unlimited
        • Encoding - Acoustically, Visually or Semantically
      • Processes
        • Duration - How long can the information last in the memory?
        • Capacity - How much can it hold?
        • Encoding - How does it get in there?
    • Multi-Store Model
    • Untitled
  • Encoding - How does it get in there?




Good resource here too on memory for gcse psychology - currently 3 areas covered but rest are appearing slowly.



love this thankss



This is a great mind map which includes definitions and processes of memory.

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