Ancient Medicine

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  • Ancient Medicine
    • Prehistoric times
      • The medicine man asked evil spirit to come out of you.
      • Charms:  Aborigines wore them to keep evil spirtis away
      • Herbs and Plants:Remedies used fr cuts the women normally gathered them.
        • Trephining was also a treatment.
      • Women: Normally died due to poor diet or childbirth
      • Spirits: Aborigines believed everyone had a spirit, evil spirits made you ill.
    • Eygyptians
      • Communications were improved as the Egyptians developed writing meaning doctors could record medical cases and write treatments down.
      • Specialists doctors: They developed very quickly because Pharaohs spent lots of money on them meaning they could advance their medical knowledge further.
      • Religion&Anatomy: Dut ot enbalming Egypitians knew some a bit about the organs in the body. They didnt know what their function was but they knew wehre they were.
      • Causes of ilness: They thought it was casued by the gods and spirits. But they also developed a natural theory: ilness was casued when the channels became blocked like the Nile.
      • Hygiene and Cleanliness
      • Trade helped as they good get differnet herbs from surrounding countries ans materals for tools
    • Greeks
      • Hippocrates:Wrote a series of books talking about his methods and treatments, he encouraged people to look at natural treatments not supernatural, the hippocratic oath, 4 humours.
      • Asclepus the God of healing. People went to the Asclepion to be cured, gave them a good diet, sleep, exercise
    • Romans
      • Galen: Careful observations, The theory of opposites, dissection and surgery
        • People liked Galen because his ideas supported the Church.
      • PublicHealth:Public fountains, aquaducts, bath houses, SEWERS, reserviours.


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