Medicine Throughout Time- Middle Ages

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  • Middle Ages Medicine
    • Causes
      • Supernatural
      • Natural
        • Miasma (bad air)
      • Religious
        • God was punishing sinners
    • Treatment of Disease
      • Supernatural
        • Trepanning-Drilling holes in the skull to prevent demons
        • Wear charms to provide good luck
      • Natural
        • Better diet and exercise
        • Herbal Remedies (such as honey and lemon for a sore throat)
        • Strapping a chicken to the head
        • Mud cast for a broken arm
        • Theory of Opposites
          • Peppers for a cold.
          • bleeding, applying leeches, or causing purging or vomiting
          • Smelling strong posies, or creating nice smells
        • cutting open buboes, draining the pus and making the patient hot or cold, eg by taking hot baths
        • Tidying streets (surprisingly!)
      • Religious
        • Praying for forgiveness
        • flagellation


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