Medicine through time

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  • Medicine through time
    • Main factors
      • War
      • Science + technology
      • Individuals
      • Religion + superstition
      • Government attitudes
      • Conservatism + enquiery
    • Hunter gatherers
      • Advantages
        • always on move
        • Opportunity's for more food, mobile
      • Disadvantage
        • Life span short 19 - 25
        • Wound infection
        • Left if sick/ no shelter always moving
          • Treating illness
            • Natural causes
              • Hunting, war wounds, fever, woman learnt mother
              • Herbs, plants, animal parts, acted, antiseptics/ anaesthetics
                • Cuts wounds, moss, broken b, mud, clay, like a cast
                  • Fever, swellings, steam. sweat lodges
                    • Galen
                      • Diagnosis, 4 humours like H, observation, notes on plague, Galen's plague.
                      • treatments, used bleeding alot, opposites, too much phlegm cold, used heat treatments.
                      • Dissected pigs, proved brain controlled speech, arteries carried blood around body
                      • Wrote many books, ideas fitted with church, basis medical training
            • Supernatural causes
              • Caused, gods, spirits dead, enemies, witches
                • go to medicine man, communicate god's + spirits
                • Given charms, herbal remedies, prayers, chants. skull open let out evil spirits
            • Egyptian medicine
              • first developed writing, hieroglyphs, papyrus paper
                • Causes of illness
                  • Gods + evil spirits, natural theory,
                    • Channels blocked, rivers, irrigation channels. Crops people common, blood air water flowed, well
                      • Hippocrates
                        • hippocratic oath,all hear/see kept secret
                          • Hippocratic collection of books, lists, symptoms + treatments, used theories methods many centuries.
                            • observing + recording, symptoms of disease, help diagnosis future patient.
                            • natural treatments,4 humours,blood,phlegm,yellow bile, black bile. Too little too much unbalance humour
                          • Hippocrates, look natural cure, not god's. Greeks, god affected lives, earthquake god's angry
                  • Treatments, herbs, animal parts, bleeding patients.
                    • Surgery + anatomy
                      • Knew about body, not learnt from dissection, body for after life, anatomy, removing + preserving organs after death. Embalmer's, simple surgery, cut holes skull,bronze instruments.
                      • Government nothing protect from illness. Egyptians care keep clean, washed 2 a day, scented oils, perfumes,rich washing room, no plumbing
              • Doctors + priests, some specialist, eye doctor, had common, herbal,surgery,charms,pray,chants
  • Due nomadic lifestyle, risk injured. Charms used ward of disease, treatments, mud, clay broken bones


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