Medical Issues

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  • Medical issues
    • the nature and importance
      • IVF
      • Artificial insemination by husband or donor
      • Egg or Embryo donation
      • Surrogacy
      • it is part of human nature to want to have children and raise a family, and if treatments can help people achieve this, they must be important
    • Christian views
      • Catholics believe that life is given by God and that no one has a right to children
      • Catholic Church wants to help infertile couples, but only allows methods which do not affect the sanctity of life
        • IVF is banned as some eggs are thrown away they believe this is the same as abortion
        • artificial insemination or surrogacy involve the sin of male masturbation
        • God intended pro-creation to be a part of sex
      • Other Christians allow IVF and AIH because;
        • marriage is supposed to be unitive and creative, so infertility treatments must be good
        • these methods mean the baby will be biological offspring of its mother and father
      • all christians would encourage adoption
    • Muslims views
      • Some Muslims accept it because:
        • all muslims should have a family
        • the egg and sperm are from the husband and wife
      • Others don't allow it because:
        • they deny a child's right to know its natural parents
        • egg or sperm donation is like adultery
        • same as adoption and this is banned in Islam
    • Transplants
      • More people need transplant surgery every year so transplants are essential
      • Muslim views:
        • most do not agree because:
          • the shari'ah teaches that nothing should be removed from the body after death
          • it is playing God which is the greatest sin of shirk
          • against muslim beliefs on the sanctity of life
        • some allow transplants from close relavtives because:
          • some muslim lawyers have allowed it
          • islam aims to do good and help people
      • Christians views:
        • most christians agree because:
          • leaving organs for others is a way of loving your neighbour
        • others disagree because:
          • those who believe in resurrection believe God will need the organs to raise the body
          • transplanting organs from the dead to the living is playing God


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