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    • Liberal Fem./ analysed the content of popular teen girl mags of the time
    • Largely based on 'romantic individualism' - search of love
    • Sterotype of a subordinate and objectified woman (PA**. fem)
    • Induced the young female audience to acceplt a secondary position to the men in their lives
    • The Media, through ** + ISC manipulates young females to adopt a passive fem.
    • Assumes media manipulation; ignoring individual free will
    • Liberal Fem./ analysed the content of wide range of mags for boys + girls
    • Sterotypes of both female + males using celebrity role models as illustrations
    • Tended to support a THM and AF
    • Encouraged young boys + girls to emulate these, often unachievable ideals
    • The Media, through ** + ISC manipulates young boys + girls to emulate THM and AF
    • Assumes that people wish to copy celebrity role models like David Beckham+ Kate Moss
    • Neo-Marxist /formal content analysis 218 family programme
    • W/C is being represented as bad. They are under represented
    • M/C are over represented portrayed as professionals
    • Sterotypes could explain why the W/C continues to be exploited + marginalised in society
    • Outdated; does not take into account the development of the (WWW) internet.
    • The Media, through ** + ISC manipulates society into believing the W/X are inferior to the M + U class
    • Neo-Marxists/ content analysis/ observations/ interviews on a sample of media professionals
    • Media owners + politicians have more access to media productions
    • Hierarchyof credibilty that assumes that the views of mainstream politicians or leaders of organisations
    • Allows politicains to influence the news at source
    • The Media, through ** + ISC manipulates society into believing that the U/C are superior to the W/C + M/C
    • Overly conspiratorial view of the U/C working together to dominant the rest of us
    • Neo-marxists / content analysis 1500 media sources
    • Mis representation of ethnic groups as dangerous
    • Absense of ethnic groups in media. Unemployment - white groups more important
    • Absense of ethnic groups in media. Invisible under representation
    • The Media, through ** + ISC manipulates ethnic groups to adopt a marginalised ethnic identity
    • Assumes that the audience are not media literate; that we cant put a false + negative sterotype when we see it
    • Neo-marxists/ content analysis
    • Folk devil - YB W/C males. Disproportionate media reaction
    • Moral panic- responsible/ irrespobsible reaction
    • Deviance Amplification
    • The Media, through ** + ISC manipulates ehtnic groups into a marginalised ethnic identity
    • Limited view of who gets sterotyped; ignoring other sterotpyed groups. (i.e white female)


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