Mcdonalds - zero hour contact

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  • McDonalds -zero hour contracts
    • PR
      • Better publicity - less protests on treatment of workers
      • improve brand image
    • HR
      • people feel more job security
        • Maslow - safety needs
        • Herzberg - hygiene
        • More able to get access to finance - i.e. for a car, phone ect.
      • recruit less as staff cost more
      • Student would have less flexibility if no zero hour contracts available
      • Hard to get staff to cover all hours - want specific times / days
      • Better employee staifaction
    • Finaces
    • Operations
      • Job satisfaction -may preform better / be more effective
      • If happier may stay longer - lower labour turn over / higher retention rates
        • Lower training costs
          • Finaces


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