Sociology- Material deprivation and ethnicity

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  • Material deprivation and Ethnicity
    • What?
      • Lacking physical necessities that are seen as essential or normal for life in todays society
    • Guy palmer 2012
      • Almost half of all ethnic minority children live in low income households
      • Ethnic minorities are almost twice as likely to be unemployed compared to whites
      • Ethic minorities are around three times as likely to be homeless
      • Almost half of bangladeshi and pakistani workers earned under £7 an hour compared to only a 1/4 of whites
    • Why?
      • Many live in economically depressed areas with high unemployment and low wages
      • Cultural factors such as tradition of Purdah in some muslim households prevents women from working
      • A lack of language skills and foreign qualifications not being recognised by UK employers
      • Asylum seekers may not be allowed to take work
      • Racial discrimination in housing
    • Class override ethnicity
      • Even those Indian and Chinese pupils who are materially deprived do better than most
      • In 2011 86% of chinese girls who received FSM achieved 5 or more GCSEs, compared to 65% white girls not receiving free school meals


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