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  • Mass Tourism - Jamaica
    • Attractions
      • Blue Mountains National Park - 800 plant and 200 bird species
      • Bob Marley's House
      • Negril Beach - 7 miles of beach. Snorkeling, fishing and water sports
      • Rose Hall Great house - a restored plantation house
    • Economic Impacts
      • Positive
        • Businesses provide employment for locals
        • Taxes paid by businesses, workers and tourists allow Jamaica to develop
        • Tourist workers gain transferable skills - opportunities for development
        • Tourism businesses are profitable
      • Negative
        • Jobs are seasonal
        • Tourist attractions attract people from poorer inland areas - they get poorer
        • Foreign workers send money home
          • Less tax is paid - economic leakage
            • Less development
            • Foreign companies take money out of Jamaica (profit leakage)
        • Foreign companies take money out of Jamaica (profit leakage)
    • Environmental Impacts
      • Coral reefs damaged by jet skis and boat anchors
      • Aeroplanes, cars and taxis emit greenhouse gases
      • Beach erosion
      • Great Morass wetland partly drained to make room for hotels
    • Management
      • Smaller inland hotels employ local people
        • No profit/ economic leakage as locals keep money in the local area
          • The taxes locals pay go to the development of Jamaica
      • Educate tourists about the negative effects of tourism
        • They will become passionate about not damaging the environment
          • The raised awareness will mean tourists are more careful = less damage
      • Tourists encouraged to buy local food and goods
        • This supports local businesses and prevents profit leakage
          • Jamaica develops
      • Encourage growth in inland areas, not just coastal resorts
        • Gap in wealth between areas diminishes
        • Damage to the environment in coastal areas is lessened




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