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Types of tourist Resort

CITY (London)

  • Historic buildings - Houses of Parliament
  • Built attractions - London eye, Big Ben
  • Museums & Art Galleries - the Tate
  • Royal Fortress & Crown jewels - the Tower of London, Crown Jewels


  • Skiing and snowboarding in winter - Cervinia
  • Walking in Alpine meadows in summer
  • Cruising across Lake Geneva
  • Apres (ski activities, hot tubs)

COAST (Jamaica)

  • Coral reef for scuba diving to see tropical fish
  • White sandy beaches & sunbathing in a hot climate
  • Palm trees & tropical vegetation
  • Water sports
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Reasons for growth in Tourism

Disposable income - higher wages, money left after paying taxes and costs of living.

Double income - both parents work so more money to spend on holidays.

Paid holiday leave - paid time to go on holiday.

Package holiday - easy to book holidays, travel agent organizes everything.

Jet aircraft - We can travel further and quicker.

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Butler Model - life cycle of a tourist resort

Case study - Blackpool

1. Exploration

2. Involvement

3. Development

4. Consolidation

5. Stagnation

6. Rejuvenation?

7. Decline?

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National Parks - Attractions

Case study - Lake District


  • Scafell Pike - Highest mountain in England. Hickers and strollers.
  • William Wordsworth - Hometown Grasmere and a chance to go see his home, Dove Cottage, and the Wordsworth museum.
  • Lake Windermere - Largest natural lake in England. Venue for the Great North Run since 2008.
  • Beatrix Potter - Hometown Windermere and a chance to go see her home at Hill Top which is as she left it. Visit 'The World Of Beatrix Potter' attraction.
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National Parks - Problems

Case study - Lake District


  • Parking - Narrow roads in Grasmere cause traffic jams when tourists park at the side of the roads. Narrow versions of double yellow lines.
  • Footpath erosion - RAF airlift rocks up onto the mountain side. Costs £100/meter but is good solution to the problem.
  • Dogs - Chase and harm livestock so put up signs on gates during lambing season warning tourists that farmers have the right to shoot their dog if its off the lead.
  • Car Parks - Not enough car parks in Grasmere so in school holidays they open the school field and leave an honesty box. Money earned is spent on new sheds and things for the school
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Overseas Mass Tourism

Case study - Kenya, a tropical destination. ~ Hot climate, lowest temperature on average 21'C.


  • Human attractions - Glass bottom boat trips, Hot air balloon rides, meeting the Masi tribe, scuba diving.
  • Natural attractions - Wild animals on safari ~ the big 5: Elephant, Giraffe, Lion, Cheetah & Rhino, warm sea all year round, climb mount Kenya. National Park - Masi Mara

    Positive impacts of tourism:

    • Economic - high income form tourism, jobs available.
    • Environmental - fees pay for management, repairs & conservation.
    • Social - Local cultures & traditions preserved

    Negative impacts of tourism:

    • Economic - jobs unskilled, low pay & seasonal; water wasted on swimming pools; money earned goes to foreign firms like Thomas Cook.
    • Environmental - Destruction of habitat to build airports, roads & hotels; Coral reef ruined by boats.
    • Social - Tourists treat locals badly, look down on them; local way of life of Masai tribe disturbed.
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Extreme Holidays - A holiday with an element of da

Case study - Antarctica, Arctic Peninsular


  • Trekking
  • Wildlife - Penguins, Seals, whales NO POLAR BEARS!
  • Cruise
  • Dive beneath the ice
  • Scenery - ice burgs
  • Whale watching
  • canoeing / kayaking
  • photography


  • Oil spills harm wildlife
  • People close to wildlife - get used to humans
  • touching animals - if pick up a baby penguin it is abandoned
  • Boats get stuck in ice
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Sustainable Tourism

Case study - Antarctica, Arctic Peninsular

Sustainable Tourism - a solution to the problems

  • All tour operators are members of IAATO
  • Small scale
  • Can not visit everywhere - not allowed on Bird Island
  • A permit must be granted for any activity.
  • No ship carrying more than 500 passengers can land.
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Stewardship - A personal responsibility for lookin

Case study - Galapagos Islands

Description of Islands:

  • Remote
  • Volcanic
  • Where Charles Darwin worked out the theory of evolution - the animals are unique.
  • World Heritage site & National Park
  • Species of animal - Blue footed Booby, Albatross, Iguana, Giant Tortoise.

Benefits of Tourism:

  • The Galapagos Conservation trust gets £25 from every visitor for wildlife.
  • Locals make a living - land isn't good enough for farming.
  • Locals set up businesses - guest houses and boat trips.
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Case study - Galapagos Islands


  • Only small ships allowed
  • Only allowed on shore on specific locations and in small numbers
  • Tour guide only allowed to take 10 - 16 people at a time
  • "Take nothing but photographs, leave nothing but footprints."


  • Oil from boats pollutes the water
  • Water supply is limited, tourism demands more water.
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