Feminism: Explanations of class inequality

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  • Feminism: explanations of class inequality
    • Liberal feminism
      • asked for equality of opportunity between men and women
      • think change can best be achieved by introducing legislation e.g Sex Discrimination Act (1975) and Equal Pay Act (1970)
    • Radical feminism
      • we live in a patriarchy which operates for the benefit of men and is controlled by men
      • controversial opinions such as artificial insemination could mean we no longer have a need for men
    • Marxist feminism
      • interested in economic aspects of gender inequality
      • women's role as primary carers and housewives helped sustain capitalism e.g concept of safety valve
      • focused on women's economic role in society and the exploitation women faced in the home e.g triple shift
    • Black feminism
      • a strand of feminism which developed due to other strands not covering the experiences of black women
      • focuses on the discrimination and intersection black women face. there is interplay of different factors such as gender, ethnicity and class


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