Feminist Theory

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  • Feminist Theory
    • Liberal Feminism
      • Womens opportunities are changing
      • Feminization of the economy
      • Achieve equality through gradual change
    • Marxist Feminism
      • Patriarchy is an ideology of capitalism
      • Ideas that women are inferior are transmitted
      • Paints women as the homemaker, cannot have careers
    • Radical Feminism
      • Society is divided into 2 gender classes (men and women) with opposing interests
      • Men exploit women in all aspects of social life
      • Inequality originates from intimacy of relationships
      • Sexual politics- sexuality fulfils mens desires, solution is to live in a female community
    • Difference Feminism
      • Modern feminists who say we should consider all walks of womens lives
      • Women and their experiences are not the same
      • Other forms of feminism are ruled by white, M/C women


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