Marxism and crime+ deviance

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  • Marxism and crime
    • INTRO:  -laws made by state representing ruling class -BCS ethnic minorities more subjected to arrests than corporate criminals - state influences and oppressed by ruling class - white collar crime ignored- crime inevitable as capitalism is innately criminogenic -poverty only means by which WC survive-obtain consumer good emphasised by media
      • Althusser- state control hegemonic and influenced by ruling elite - law functions interest of ruling class and maintain inequality - capitalism protects wealth resulting in oppression and exploitation of the  WC
        • Chambliss- law enforced to protect private society - ruling class have power and are reluctant to pass laws which may threaten business profitability
          • Chambliss- conducted study of criminal activity and conducted interviews with all members of social strata from police to prostitutes- money +power determines who gets arrested  -crime syndicate of ruling elite responsible for *********** +illegal gambling -profits boosted through tax
            • Snider- capitalist state is reluctant to pass laws that threaten business profitability - all classes commit crime = selective enforcement - WC more criminalised
              • Walton + Young - 'new criminology' agree inequalities are root of crime - criminals choose to commit crime - capitalist society is based on exploitation characterised by inequalities of wealth and power - new criminologists agree with traditional marxists -committing crime is a personal choice
                • Taylor et al argues marxism is deterministic - rejecting theories which suggest crime is caused by external factors - subcultures =voluntaristic - crime is meaningful and based on individual choice
                  • Crime has political motive-redistribution of wealth - under oppression of ruling class but strive for change
                    • Taylor et al - deivance would help change society for the better as they agree with trad marxists people have power to make law + ideas from interactionism and labelling theory about meaning of deviant  act
                      • complete theory of deviance unites: wider origins of deviant act , immediate origins of deviant act , act itself, origins of social reaction , wider origins of social reaction and the effect of labelling
  • Hall et al examined moral panic as a form of scare tactic offering explanations for many black individuals in UK prison - MEIDIA created 'folk devil' represented by use of the work mugger which undertakes the act of mugging
    • Black individulas 'SCAPEGOATED'  media had blamed WC immigrants when realistically there was a collapse in the UK economy
      • Gilroy-  agreed that young black males were targeted by the media - black crime continuous continuation in a new context of anti colonial struggles
        • Black crime is political and a revolutionary response to inequality
          • Gilroy- Rastafarianism contains set of revolutionary political ideas about overthrowing white authority - followers are often brought into confrontation with systems for use of marijuana - southall riots 1981= structural conflict between marginalised groups and systems - crime political conflict and political act
            • Lea and Young- criticise Gilroy : first gen immigrants in 1950s were law abiding unlikely to have passed down a tradition of anti colonial struggle - crime intra ethnic so it is not an anti colonial struggle against racism
              • Lea and young argue gilroy romanticises street crime as revolutionary when it is not - asian crime rates lower than white -police only racist to blacks not asian
                • Interactionists - law operates to serve the ruling class - ruling class creates labels as Hall et al indicates WC labelled as criminals
                  • Cohen - media amplifies behaviour= society panics = group marginalised - ruling class controls media creating image that WC commit crime
                    • Moral panic over hoodies - WC youths wearing hoodies commit criminal acts- David cameron ditched campaign of hug a hoodie and enforced harsher sentancing - adverse affect of stereotyping so all WC commit crime
                      • Feminists argue that marxism emphasises class inequality and ignores patriarchy - extent to which capitalism causes crime is over emphasised - patriarchy ignored
                        • left realist argue marxism place undue emphasis on corporate crime other crimes cause more harm - victims of crime are WC -left realists criticise Neo-marxists as criminology romanticises WC as criminals (robin hoods) - criminals prey on poor 2.taylor et al do not take crime seriously and ignore effects on WC victims
                          • CONCLUSION: marxists believe that the real criminals are bourgeoisie who exploit WC - criminals reject oppressive society - marxist theory lacks unique structure and had very little to add to criminology
                            • Marxist criminology in time warp where conditions prevailing in marx's time still applicable to society today- after marx's death there was the introduction of health schemes and pensions which were not evident in marx's early analysis
    • complete theory of deviance unites: wider origins of deviant act , immediate origins of deviant act , act itself, origins of social reaction , wider origins of social reaction and the effect of labelling


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