marxism and crime and deviance

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  • marxism
    • society is divided by R.C + W.C
      • marxists believe the economic base of society determines all other structures of society
    • criminogenic capitalism
      • capitalism causes crime- criminogenic capitalism
        • capitalism is based on exploiting W.C crime may be the only option for poor people
          • utilitarian crime is the result of the W.C obtaining material goods encouraged by capitalist society through advertising
          • non utilitarian crime may be caused by the frustration caused by the alienation felt by the poor W.C
        • capitalist society encourages crime among R.C as the desire to make profit leads to greed
          • this leads to corporate crimes such as tax evasion, fraud and breaking health + safety laws
    • the state + law making
      • law making only serves the interests of the R.C
        • Chambliss argues that laws to protect private property are the basis of the capitalist economy
        • R.C have the power to prevent laws which would harm their own interests
          • few laws are passed that challenge inequality in society
    • selective enforcement
      • crime rates show a higher rate of prosecutions among W.C
      • corporation crimes are far less likely to be prosecuted
      • carson found in 200 firms that had broken health + safety laws only 1.5% were prosecuted
    • ideological functions of law
      • some laws appear to benefit W.C eg health + safety laws but actually benefit R.C by creating a false class   conscious-ness
      • selective enforcement appears to show most crimes are committed by W.C
        • this encourages workers to blame their own rather than rebel against the capitalist system
    • evaluation
      • disadvantages
        • theory criticised for being overly deterministic as it predicts all W.C people will turn to crime
        • some laws e.g trafficking laws don't benefit R.C- challenges marxist views on law making
        • not all capitalist societies have such high crime rates (japan) challenges the idea that capitalism is criminogenic
      • advantages
        • challenges the use of official statistics which other theories too readily accept
        • marxism does offer a solution to crime although it's a poor solution.


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