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  • Marrysong
    • Tone
      • wonder/ curiosity /annoyance /resentment --> acceptance
    • Structure
      • iambic pentameter
      • 3rd person, but about 1st person experiences
      • in some ways navigable structure BUT no rhyme scheme, some unexpected end rhymes
    • Purpose
      • to describe a relationship between a husband and wife whose relationship is constantly shifting due to the wife's mental/emotional state. compares her mind to a landscape
    • Content
      • begins by speaker saying he has yet to fully figure his wife out, she is an enigma to him.
      • the wife's shifting perspectives are violent enough to change the landscape of the relationship
    • Analysis
      • lines 1-6
        • 'he never learned her, quite'- not quite understanding, basis of rest of poem
        • 'without seasons'- cannot predict her mental weather and changeability
        • 'shifted- instability, volatile, sudden
        • speaker is semi-omniscient, sees into mind of husband, yet describes wife's emotions
      • lines 15-17
        • delayed volta- realisation!
        • last two lines- conclude argument Shakespearean style, he realises her mind is more complex than he had conceived, only way to understand her is to spend more time with her
      • lines 7-14
        • 'he charted'- made note of what/why/how she changed
        • 'wilderness again'- wife is capable of having complete control not one 'true map'. she is mysterious, illusive, capricious, playful
        • 'tasting of sea'- tears?
        • 'all,all'- repeat signals confusion, exasperation
        • 'jaunty'- playful


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