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  • Marco
    • What does Marco do in the play?
      • Come to America to support wife and children in Italy
      • Strong sense of right and wrong with Eddie, when Eddie hits his brother he protects Rodolfo.
      • When Eddie betrays him, feels he must take revenge.
      • When speaking to Alfieri does not understand why the law will let Eddie go free.
      • Marco kills Eddie by turning Eddie's own knife on him
      • Do not know if Marco would have regretet killing Eddie, however Marco does not show regret
    • How is Marco's character revealed?
      • "(he is square-built peasent of thirty two, suspicious, tender and quiet voiced)"
        • Physically Marco is very strong. He is wary of those around him and does not trust till he knows. He loves his family.
      • "Marco is face to face with Eddie, a strained tension gripping his jaw and eyes"
        • Marcos' sense of fair play forces him to act in defence of his brother, without threatening Eddie he makes it clear that if he hurts Rodolfo he will be in trouble.
      • "Marco suddenly breaks from the group and dashes into the room and faces Eddie; Beatrice and first officer rush in as Marco spits in Eddie's face"
        • Marco's outrage is so great he loses all control. He cannot understand how one human being would do this to another. Spitting in Eddie's face shows his utter contempt for him.
      • "The law? All the law is not in a book"
        • Marco believes it is his duty to right this wrong without recourse to the law. He believes the law has nothing to do with justice.
    • Examiner's Tip
      • Marco is strong silent type until he believes that an injustice has taken place.
      • He is unselfish.
      • Come to America to support his family.
      • Beginning he supports Eddie in his attempts to control Rodolfo, because he believes Eddie is doing this for the right reasons.
      • He is the one we know least about from all the characters.


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