A View From The Bridge - Marco notes

Mind map about Marco, includes some notes and quotations

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  • Marco
    • About Marco
      • Hes an illegal immigrant from Sicily
      • Has come to America to support his family
      • Has a strong sense of "right and wrong", especially when Eddie hits Rodolfo
      • When he finds out that Eddie has betrayed them he feels like he has to take revenge. "You killed my children."
      • Doesn't show regret
    • Key quotations/points
      • Marco's attitude to justice and law is seen profoundly in pages 58-60
      • (he's a square-built peasant of thirty-two, suspicious, tender and quiet voiced) - p. 12
      • (Marco is face to face with Eddie, a strained tension gripping his eyes and jaw) - p. 42
      • "Marco spits in Eddie's face." - Spitting in Eddie's face shows Marco's utter contempt for him
    • Marco is a realist
    • He knows of the consequences that come with his actions and about money
    • He doesn't dream of owning exquisite things like Rodolfo
    • He's a strong but silent type until he believes that injustice has taken place
    • Totally unselfish
    • Grateful of Beatrice
    • He challenges Eddie's manliness and masculinity
    • Doesn't threaten Eddie but asserts his dominance over him through body language and  eye contact


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