Maps and Early Explorers

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  • Maps and early explorers
    • Trails
      • Oregon Trail
      • California Trail
      • Old Spanish Trail
      • Gila River Trail
      • Mormon Trail
      • Santa Fe Trail
    • Trails had been pioneered by explorers and trappers
      • West coast of America first had contact with Europe via Russian traders in the late 1700s
        • Arrived by sea and traded with the Tlingit Indians
      • Explorers and trappers (mountain men) had some knowledge of the routes
        • Later became the California and Oregon trails in the 1840s
        • In particular, the South Pass- the only possible route through the Rockies- was first discovered by mountain men
      • Mountain men came from a variety of backgrounds, but all adopted Native American survival skills
      • Many of the mountain men took Native American wives
      • Jim Bridger was the first explorer to report the existance of the Great Salt Lake


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