Advantages and Disadvantages for Mao with the Sino Soviet Treaty of 1950?

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Advantages and Disadvantages for Mao with the Sino Soviet Treaty of 1950?


  • Economic aid in the form of credits worth $300 million: much of this was spent on machinery and equipment needed for defense industries; technical assistance included help for a large aluminium plant at Henan, a rare metals plant at Hunan and a cable factory in Jiantan
  • Soviet military assistance in case of attack, from either Japan or the USA, and military aid to help develop its airforce- reassurance of collective security
  • A Soviet promise to restore Chinese sovereignty over Manchuria; the USSR agreed to transfer control of railways in Manchuria to China
  • Formal alliance of the pair


  • However, Poland (smaller country then China), also received economic aid from the USSR, the form of credits worth $450 million, and on much better terms. Further,China was worried the Soviets may use this to control them.
  • However, the Manchuria promise v. weak= no guarantee
  • Requested by the USSR- ban all non Soviet foreigners from Manchuria
  • Mongolia remained part of the Soviet sphere of influence
  • Stalin refused to give aid to conquer Taiwan, which remained in the hands of Guomindang (Nationalists). Stalin feared provoking the US into retaliation.
  • No joint revolutionary strategy was devised for East Asia- Stalin wants to be seen as leader of world communism. Further, Stalin forced him to drop plans to send support to the Vietminh in Vietnam, reinforcing this.
  • Adds insult to injury for Mao- Stalin had recognised Vietminh as correct government of Vietnam in 1950, 4 years before they took control. They recognised the CCP on the day they seized power.
  • Mao had to spend 3 months in the USSR to negotiate the treaty when he needed to be China to help establish China.
  • Treaty negotiations were done to Stalin's scheudule- when convenient for Stalin


Overall, it was a huge failure for Mao. It begun their unequal relationship, and highlighted the inequalities that were to come for them. This began China being the Soviet Union's junior partner.


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