Managing Food Production

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  • Managing Food Production
    • Reduce the number of stages in the food chain
      • Less energy and biomass every stage in a food chain
      • For a given land, you can produce a lot more food by growing crops rather than by grazing animals, because you reduced stages in the food chain.
        • Don't consume all of animal- waste
        • Some land unsuitable for crop growing
          • People need a varied diet to stay healthy
    • Restricting energy lost by farm animals
      • Intensive farming- can't move about, warm
      • Less energy lost by movement and maintaing a core body temperature
        • Transfer of energy from animall food to animal more efficient
        • Grow faster on less food
      • Cheaper for farmer and us
    • Developing new food sources like mycoprotein
      • Used for meat substitutes
      • Fungus called fusarium is main source
      • Fusarium grown in fermenters using glucose syrup as food.
        • Glucose syrup gained from digesting maize starch with enzymes
      • Fusarium respires anaerobically
      • Sterilised using steam- to kill bacteria which produce toxins that damage fusarium
        • Also compete for glucose/ 02
      • Harvested and purified
      • Advantages; Easy source of protein for developing countries, good when no land available for grazing
        • Microbes grow quickly and don't need much space and can even feed on waste material unlike animals


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