GCSE Biology Unit 2 (11)

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Managing Food Production

  • People have been able to use what they know about energy loss from food chains to find the most efficient ways of producing food.
  • The efficiency of food production can be improved
  • There are 2 ways to improve the efficiency of food production:
  • 1) Reduce the number of stages in the food chain
  • For a given area of land, you can produce a lot more food (for humans) by growing crops rather than by having grazing animals.
  • This is because you are reducing the number of stages in the food chain.
  • Only 10% of what beef cattle eat becomes useful meat for people to eat.
  • However, people do need to eat a varied diet in order to keep healthy, and there is still a large demand for meat products.
  • Some land is also unsuitable for growing crops (e.g. moorland).
  • In these places, animals like sheep or deer might be the best way to get food from the land.
  • 2) Restrict the energy lost by farm animals
  • In developed countries like the UK, animals such as pigs and chickens are often intensively farmed. They're kept close together…


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