Management Strategies - Earthquakes

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  • Management Strategies
    • Building Design
      • Birdcage interlocking steel frame
      • Reinforced latticework foundations deep in bed rock
      • Shock absorbers built into the building
      • Flexible pipes to stop cracking
      • Earthquake bracing - allowing pipes to move without breaking
      • Ultimate Design Resistance
        • Torre Mayor, Mexico City
          • 225 metres high
          • Steel diamond diagonal bracing frame
          • Foundations and core are damped
    • Research Programmes
      • Miki City - Japan
        • This shaking table is a 3D full scale earthquake testing facility
        • 45 million yen spent
    • Educational & Training Programmes
      • 'Living with earthquakes' booklet in all homes in Nevada
    • Home Earthquake Proofing
      • Quake Bracing
      • In home safety


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