Hazard Management

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...very expensive and as of yet is not a reliable method management...

  • Seismic Records:- Using records to predict the next event. Whenthe grrouund shakes, everything but a weight on a spring moves - this records the ground motion
  • Radon Gas Emissions:- Radon is released from rocks like Granite at a faster rate when they are fractured by deformation
  • Groundwater:- Ground deformation can cause water levels to rise or fall
  • Remote Sensing - Electromagnetic distrubances in the atmosphere above the area about to have an earthquake are detected
  • Low-frequency Electromagnetic Activity:- there are strong correlations with seismically active regions
  • Strain meter:- measures stretching and compresion of the crust
  • Levelling and Laser Reflections:- It surveys movement across a fault line - horizontal or verrtical

Prevention:- as of yet no attempts have been successful

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  • Better evacuation:- routes/sites
  • Fire resistant buildings reduce the fire risk along with advanced firefightinh capabilities
  • Laws to ensure buildings meet the required safety standards
  • Observations of prone areas like Kobe or Tokyo
  • Variety of building strategies:- single storey are more resistant to quakes and reduce population density. Soft storey buildings are designed to collapes into the car park below, cushioning it.
  • Advise citizens to keep emergency supplies
  • Police information sheets ensure that people know what to do during an earthquake
  • Smart meters shut down gas supplies automatically in the event of an earthquake
  • Land use planning attempts to indentify vulnerable areas of cities and more vulnerable uses like hospitals are kept out of these areas
  • Insurance dedicated to earthquake damage so people don't lose everything 
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Problems with Management

  • expensive
  • laws are hard to enfore
  • people don't always follow advice/warnings
  • only affects new buildings
  • people don't always believe it will happen to them so put presure on governemnts to spend money elsewhere or for tax relief
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