Mammography for breast cancer

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  • Mammography for breast cancer
    • Woman over 50, unless family history
    • Radiologist performs this
      • Woman undress to waist
        • One breast is placed upon the platform on mammogram unit
          • Breast is steadily compressed, an x-ray beam will pass through the breast
            • Images are taken and recorded repeated 3x 2-4 images taken of each breast
              • Different angles, one from above, one from the side.
              • Mammogram will be viewed as images and examined by radiologist.
                • Different angles, one from above, one from the side.
                • Results sent to patient +discussed
          • Compression evens out breast thickness
      • Uses ionising radiation
    • Mammography uses an x-ray machine to look for abnormalities in breast
    • Small areas of calcium which may indicate changes to the breast tissue or lumps indicate positive result


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