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  • Malaria
    • What is malaria?
      • Malaria is a life threatening disease of the blood transmitted by a bite from the female mosquito
    • Symptoms
      • Headaches
      • Fever
      • Drowsiness
      • Vomitting
      • Diarrhea
    • How does it spread?
      • A bite from the female mosquito
        • The mosquito must be infected with the virus first
    • What is the RBM campaign?
      • To have a world free from malaria
      • Provide protection from malaria
    • What parts of the world are worst affected
      • Tropics
      • Sub- Saharan Africa
      • Central and South America
    • What conditions encourage the malaria to spread?
      • Stagnant water
      • Heat
    • How can it be prevented?
      • Mosquito nets
      • Pesticides
    • How many people are affected worldwide?
      • Kills 200 children every hour
      • 2 million people die from it every year
      • 600,000 children die from it every year
      • Millions suffer from the fevers it causes


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