main greenhouse gasses

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  • Main Greenhouse Gases
    • CO2(carbon dioxide)
      • CO2 is the most significant greenhouse gas
      • Carbon Dioxide accounts for 60% of the enhanced greenhouse effect
      • EXAMPLES
        • deforestation
    • CH4 (methane, a hydrocarbon gas)
      • accounts for 15% of the enhanced greenhouse effect
      • the amount of methane in the atmosphere is quite small
      • methane is 25 times more efficient at trapping radiation than Carbon Dioxide
      • EXAMPLES
        • landfill sites
        • livestock
        • rice cultivation
        • decay of organic matter/waste
        • thawing of permafrost
    • Halocarbons
      • mainly CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons)
      • the only human made greenhouse gas
      • only makes up a tiny proportion of all greenhouse gases
      • can be 15000 times more efficient at trapping radiation than CO2
      • they count for 15% of the greenhouse effect
      • EXAMPLES
        • air-conditioning
        • refridgerators
        • aerosols
        • foam packaging
    • Nitrous oxide
      • naturally occurs in the Earths atmosphere as a part of the nitrogen cycle
      • 250 times more efficient than CO2 at trapping radiation
      • acouts for 6% of the enhanced greenhouse effect
      • nitrous oxide molecules in the atmosphere have long life spans
        • about 120 years before they are removed in a “sink” or destroyed as a result of chemical reactions
      • EXAMPLES
        • agricultural fertilizers
        • car exhausts


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