Macbeth context

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  • Witches
    • King James VI of Scotland was fascinated with Scotland.
      • In 1590 it was alleged that a group of witches tried to kill him by sinking his ship.
    • Macbeth Context - 1606
      • The Divine Right of Kings
        • James believed that the king represents God.
        • Regicide (killing one's ruler) was seen as a crime against God.
      • Gender
        • Society was very patriarchal.
        • Many people felt that God ruled over earth, a king ruled over his people, a man ruled over his family and the mind ruled over emotions.
          • Witchcraft (the practice of demonic women) was believed to be an attempt to overturn each of these hierarchies.
      • Macbeth and James I
      • James I and the Gunpowder Plot
        • In 1605, a group of Catholics, discontented with laws that stopped them from worshipping openly, hid 36 barrels of gunpowder in the vaults under the House of Lords with the intention of killing the king.
          • The plot was discovered and the conspirators were hunted down and executed.
            • The trials were still being discussed in 1606 when Macbeth was first performed.
    • Witches were given diabolical powers such as:
      • Prediction.
      • Levitation.
      • Controlling the weather.
      • Cursing enemies with disease.
      • Inducing nightmares.
      • Raising evil spirits.
    • It was believed that witches allowed the devil to **** their blood in return for a familiar (like a pet).


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