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  • loneliness and guilt/ Blanche's treatment at end of play
    • FORM
      • "her terror subsides"
        • it's a stage direction
        • DOCTOR is being kind to her before taking her away
        • it shows that she feels comfortable around him because his voice is "gentle" and "reassuring"
        • it tells us that Blanche has been through a traumatic ordeal, she's afraid
        • the effect is that her "terror" was so horrific it became personified but thanks to the kindness of the DOCTOR is vanished. It's almost childlike in imagination
        • It links to when Blanche pictures "lurid reflections/odd, sinuous shapes/noises of the jungle" gives impression of monsters terrorizing her could be a reason why she's lonely
        • Her last moments contrast greatly with Stella and Stanley's last moments who appear as a family and together compared to Blanche who is completely alone
        • I think it means: it's a symbol for Blanche when she's lonely, she becomes almost paralysed with fear that she'll die alone but when the doctor comforts her and befriends her, she relaxes slightly
        • this quote links in with something that Stella mentioned in scene one, "when he's away for a week I nearly go wild" this shows how lonely Stella gets without Stanley she also says "cries like a baby" hinting that Stella and Stanley have a relationship whereas Blanche is alone
      • "Luxurious sobbing"
        • It's a stage direction reflecting Stella probably
        • Stella is upset that her sister has left and she blames herself
        • It shows that she's caring about her sister, she feels guilty for agreeing to take Blanche away
        • It tells us that Blanche has gotten perhaps close to her sister again and Stella has reached a bond with Blanche that she doesn't want to go
        • the fact "luxurious" has been added is odd because it's not something associated with crying. It almost juxtaposes against each other. Luxurious makes the crying seem elegant and it describes something wonderful whereas sobbing is quite sorrowful and linked with particular sad situations
        • Untitled
      • "Depended on kindness of strangers"
        • This is said by Blanche
        • It's said when Blanche is being escorted out by the doctor to a mental asylum
        • this quote shows that Blanche has always counted on strangers, she's perhaps too trusting of people and she lets her guard down because she thinks everyone will be kind to her
        • throughout the play, Blanche has been in difficult situations, with Mitch, he became repulsed by her (she relied on him when he was a stranger). She was also tolerant of Stanley (who abused her by ****) she underestimated people in the past
          • she depended on her husband when she never really knew who he was (homosexual) and he betrayed her
        • I think it subconsciously means that Blanche has put her trust into people she doesn't know because they're unaware of her past, people don't know of her sins and troubles which is a comfort to her
          • the word "kindness" could also mean sexual partners whom she searched for comfort with. She slept with countless men to feel like she was wanted. It could as well mean financial help, possible from Shep Huntleigh - many men in the form of 'sugar-daddies'. Or kindness could just mean flattery like she had with Mitch
        • pretty much sums up the whole play for Blanche. It's the last step for her sanity, shows she's lost complete detachment of reality. the doctor has been the one person she's been looking for throughout the play. Its like she's finally settled
        • She's always cared about what people think of her and always will which may be another interpretation for 'depended'. At the start of the play, she asks Stella if she thinks Stanley will like her
        • It contrasts against how she cares about people who are neither particularly caring or are strangers, Stanley for instance, she sort of put her trust in him because he's and in-law
        • She has no idea who the doctor is yet she lets him "lead her". She's put all her trust in this "stranger". That sums up the entire play
    • "blind"
      • Its a stage direction
      • The doctor is leading Blanche out to take her away
      • I think this relates to Blanche's fear about light, she always hides in the dark because its comforting so she's being compared to a blind person because she is deliberately blind to light. I think it also means that she's being taken out into reality since her breakdown so she wants to hide again from judging eyes. It also links to the Mexican woman who is described as blind
      • it shows that the character is afraid of seeing the world, could associate with her detachment with reality which shows she's lonely. She refuses to open her eyes to reality meaning she refuses to tell the truth to people forcing he to be alone


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