Loftus Broken Glass

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  • Loftus Broken Glass
    • Aim
      • To show eye witness testimony can be changed by leading questions
    • Procedure
      • Lab experiment 150 student split into 3 groups shown film of car accident
      • All returned 1 week later and series of questions including "Did you see any broken glass?" They changed how they described accident
      • Group 1= smashed. Group 2=   hit.       Group 3= control group
    • Findings
      • Group 1= 16 said Yes. 34 said No.
      • Group 2= 7 said Yes. 43 said No.
      • Control group= 6 said Yes. 44 said No.
    • Conclusion
      • Smashed presumed cars were going faster so 16 said yes (most)
      • Suggests that misleading post event information does effect the way you remember
    • Evaluation
      • People wouldn't take the experiment seriously as only video (not realistic)
      • People not emotionally aroused like they would be in real life
      • Has high control over variables as done in Lab
      • Restricted sample (only students)
      • Real life application (can help change how people interview witnesses)


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