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  • Location
    • Quantitative Factors
      • Market
        • Might need to be located near [articular centres of population
      • Labour
        • Access to a reliable pool of staff
        • relevant skills needed
      • Suppliers
        • The business may be dependent on suppliers of a particular raw materials.
        • Costs will be lower if the business is located near the source of supply.
      • Space
        • Moving to a larger premises if there is a chance of expansion
      • Communications
        • Transport links if the business delivers products or sells directly.
        • Good technology links
          • If management is not always on site.
      • Cost of land
        • If an expensive  premises is bought they need to increase the price for customers to cover the costs. So they tend to go for the most competitive prices
      • Infrastructure
        • Used to describe the facilities which support modern life
        • Water supply, sewage plants, housing, roads, railways , electricity
      • Government Grants
        • Might persuade a company to move or start up somewhere
    • Qualitative Factors
      • Stakeholders
        • Staff
          • If staff are willing to relocate
          • Strikes
          • Moving family with them (costs)
        • Shareholders
        • Local community
      • Based on personal reasons
        • High quality of life
        • Childhood memories


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