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  • Living organism consist of cells
    • Magnification
      • is the degree to which the size of an image is larger than the object itself.
      • most light microscopes are capable of magnification Up to  a maximum of x1500
    • Resolution
      • is the degree to which it is possible to distinguish between two objects which are close together.
      • The maximum resolving power using light is 200nm
    • The light microscope
      • uses a number of lenses to produce an image that can be viewed directly
      • light passes from a bulb under the stage through the lens and on the specimen
      • the  highest magnification it has is 1500x an it has a resolution of 200nm
      • Process to prepare for a light microscope
        • Staining chemical that bind on or in the specimen. this allows the specimen to be seen
        • Sectioning specimens are embedded with wax. the section are then cut
    • To work out cell size and magnification
      • Actual size =image size/ magnification


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